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Audits & Surveys

Laboratory & Field Monitoring

Consulting Services

Engineering Services


  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (Conventional and advanced treatment like SBR, MBBR, MBR) 

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Advanced Tertiary Systems) 

  • Water Treatment Plant (Including Softener, UF, RO, DM etc.)

  • Air Pollution Control Mechanism (Water and Alkali Scrubber, Cyclone Separator, Bag house etc.)

  • Organic Waste Treatment Plant (OWC)

  • Rain Water Harvesting and Recharge 

  • Bio Gas Plant

  • Solar Powered and LED light

  • Fire Fighting Systems (including fire extinguishers and hydrants)

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Audits and Surveys


  • Cleaner Production assessment

  • Water Audit

  • Energy audit

  • Adequacy and Efficacy study for EMS

  • Treatability and Feasibility Study 

  • Environment Audit

  • Due diligence Audit

  • Geohydrological Study

  • Safety Audit

  • HAZOP Study

  • QRA

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Laboratory & Field Monitoring


  • Flue Gases and Process Gases emission monitoring

  • Ambient Air monitoring

  • Work Area monitoring 

  • Bioassay study

  • Physico-Chemical testing

  • Waste water testing

  • Drinking water testing

  • Hazardous solid waste testing

  • Microbiological testing

  • Noise, illumination monitoring

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Consulting Services


  • Design of Environmental Management Systems

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • CGWA permission

  • Bioassay study

  • Technical Liaison for Environmental Permits and compliance viz.

    • Environmental Clearance

    • Consent To Establish

    • Consent To Operate

    • CRZ Clearance

    • Six monthly EC Compliance report

    • CTE/CTO Compliance report

    • Monthly and Yearly Returns including Monthly Patrak, Form 3, Form 4, Form V etc.

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